The Challenges

1. A description of the dam site, treatment works area, Transmission lines, storage tanks area and baseline environment and social conditions.
2. Identification of the impacts associated with the entire project.
3. Establishment of appropriate mitigation measures.
4. Development of an environment management plan with monitoring indicators for post construction period.
5. Environmental impact assessments at the water sources and point of consumption.
6. The measures to prevent health hazards and to ensure security in the working environment for employees and for the management of the emergencies.
7. Assessment whether there is a possibility of downstream erosion due to reduced silt load after the dam construction.
8. Assess the effects of the dam on wild life habitat.

Project Description

Client:National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation (NWCPC)
Location:West Pokot District (Kenya)
Year Completed:May 2006-September 2007