The Challenges

The works done involved:-

1. Draft Irrigation and Drainage Bill 2009, with schedules containing regulations on NIDS and IWUAs.

2. Proposed Amendments to the Water Act 2002 and possible amendments to the KEWI Act 2001.

3. Report with Recommended Reforms: The Irrigation and Drainage Sector.

4. Provision of Support Services by State and Non-State Entities: Assessment and Preliminary Recommendations.

5. Report on Scope for and Support to Private Sector and NGO Contributions to the Irrigation and Drainage Sector.

6. Research and Innovation in the Agricultural Water Management Sector.

7. Report with Recommendations for Restructuring of the Irrigation and Drainage Department.

8. Report on Available and Required Technical Capacity to Deliver on Mandate of DIDWS.

9. Report on Findings and Recommendations for Staffing and Human Resources Policies and Procedures of DIDWS.

10. Report on Recommendations for Staff Training and Human Resources Development Plans for DIDWS.

11. Report with Guidelines, Preliminary Policies on Employment, Recruitment, Compensation, Performance Assessment, and Career Development for DIDWS.

12. Report on Estimated Financial Implications and Costs of Institutional Reform.

13. Report with Recommendations on Financing Mechanisms and Procedures for Irrigation Development and Improvement, Support Services and Cost Recovery.

14. Report on Main Revisions to Irrigation and Drainage Strategy.

15. Report on Recommended Strategy and Action Plan for Transforming MWI Irrigation Institutions.

16. Report with Recommendations on IWUA Financial Management and Inducing Local Investment.

17. Report with Recommendations: Developing and Supporting Irrigation Water Users Associations.

18. Report on Inventory, Performance Levels and Scope for Improving Performance of Irrigation Schemes.

Project Description

Client:Ministry of Water and Irrigation / WSP-Africa
Year Completed:April - July 2009