The Challenges

The actual services provided were:-

1. Outputs of the TA support includes firstly demonstration of a strategy for promoting management based on economical principles and transferring responsibilities of financing water supply development to consumers, as individuals and in their corporate structures. Secondly it will lead to improved performance of water supply systems in targeted consumers’ communities and enhance efficiency and effectiveness in management.  Third, by the end of phase II, appropriate and efficient consumer driven management system will have been established for NWSA.

2. Establishing systems for self financing and to support NWSA to broaden their mandate on water supplies development not only in the aspects of responsible management but also transferring the responsibilities of capital injection with a view of realizing profitable returns on the investments.

3. Strengthening the investment base for the desire future, financial injection into water supply systems requires mainstreaming full cost recovery and service differentiation, while ensuring safety nets for the poor and vulnerable groups in the society.

4. Facilitate securing regulations, monitoring, standardization and policy adherence. Monitoring and evaluation to ensure successful completion of the scope of work, but also to gather information for future development of water supplies.

Project Description

Client:HORIZONT3000. AUSTRIAN Organisation for Development Cooperation, Wohllebengasse 12-14, 1040 Vienna AUSTRIA
Location:Migori Town, Nyanza Province (Kenya)
Year Completed:April 2006 - December 2007