The Challenges

The actual services involved:

1. Assessment of the adequacy of the distribution system and the feasibility of the borehole integration.
2. Formulation of concept and policy on use of private boreholes.
3. Feasibility study of network modification options, re-design of city distribution zones, detailed designs and preparation of tender documents for the distribution modification and development of strategy to minimize interruptions ad keep consumers informed.
3. Estimation of wastewater flows, carrying out feasibility studies, detailed designs and preparation of tender documents for sewer modification as well as preparation of sewer operation and management framework.
4. Identification of social consideration for feasibility studies of network modification.
5. Formulation of environmental concept and policy, carrying out EIA of network modification including assistance with submission to NEMA and preparation of Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

Project Description

Client:Athi Water Services Board
Location:Nairobi City (Kenya)
Year Completed:October 2010 - March 2011