The Challenges

Prepared seven Management Manuals for the Operation and Maintenance of water supply projects comprised of the following:

1. Water Sources and Treatment Works: Water sources, water treatment, chemical operations, and surveillance chart;

2. Pumping Facilities: Pumping operations; pump and motor maintenance (operational) workshop; maintenance procedure; and health and safety;

3. Distribution and Pipeline Appurtenances: ;

4. Purchasing and Store-keeping: Functions and types of stores; purchasing; stores inward process; accounting and documentation in purchasing and stores; stock control, provisioning and stock taking; maintenance and preservation of stores; storage and handling of stores equipment; and processing outward and returned stores);

5. Computation of Water Tariff Structures: Policy issues in water rate setting, rate setting process, methods of setting water rates and water related charges; and

6. Overall Waterworks Management manuals: (principles of management; organizational set-up; evaluation of management performance- indicators of inefficient management, causes of inefficient management and remedies for inefficient management; management information system (MIS), planning for emergencies; engineering; financial management; office operations; personnel management; public relations; and annual reports).

Project Description

Client:Kenya-Finland Western Water Supply Programme (Kefinco)
Location:Western Province (Kenya)
Year Completed:April - December 1992