The Challenges

The actual work done were;

1. Review of project and general study of the project area through site visits and review of Client’s reports.
2. Preparation of mapped contours for the project site.
3. Geotechnical investigations.
4. Design of 300m access bridge to intake tower.
5. 40 km long overhead electricity transmission lines to Wote substation.
6. Carrying out Dam risk analysis; Flood analysis for over 122km downstream of the dam.
7. Design of a 20 MW power complex and preparation of electro-mechanical drawings.
8. Design of treatment works, raw water main and rising main.
9. Foul Drainage and disposal system: The dam site is located in a remote place along the Athi River in Makueni District. Operation and maintenance staff for the dam, hydropower station and water treatment works will be housed close by and hence the need to design a foul drainage system and sewage treatment facility.
10. Preparation of Engineering drawings.
11. Preparation of specifications and bid documents.
12. Preparation of bills of quantities and computation of the Engineers cost estimates for the works.
13. Topographical survey.

Project Description