The Challenges

The aim was to establish the more equitable distribution of water between users, as well as to designate grazing areas and water access points for pastoralist.  These are particularly important during drought periods, they become conflict flashpoints.

1. To establish registered river water users associations which meets on a regular basis and have developed dialogue with similar organization and have procedures to resolve conflict at local level.
2. Undertake a baseline survey of all small-scale irrigation farmers and irrigation schemes.
3. Undertake a desk study to review water abstraction licensing procedures.
4. Suggest simple easy-to-use procedures that allow those farmers who not currently hold water abstraction rights to legalize position.
5. Evaluate the construction quality and efficiency of the pumping technologies and irrigation infrastructure.
6. Determine whether the irrigation technologies used by the farmers are the most appropriate.

Project Description

Client:rid Lands Resource Management Project II, Ministry of Special Programmes, Office of the President
Location:Mandera, Garissa, Tana River, Isiolo, Samburu, Baringo and Turkana Districts (Kenya)
Year Completed:February - May 2006