The Challenges

Live technical auditing of the engineering works, relevant documentation and quality assurance.

1. Audit review of the Water Supply Final Inception Report.

2. Audit review of the Appraisal Reports, preliminary designs and Bid documents (book of drawings, specifications and bill of quantities) for the rehabilitation of the following water projects: PW50 Kigumo and Muranga; PW51 Karatina and Mukurweini; PW52 Mogotio Ngorika and Narosura Sabatia; PW53 Ainamoi, Kipkelion, Chebangang and Kipwatsuiyo; PW54 Kisii, Keroka and Gesusu; PW55 Ogembo, Nyansiongo and Nyamira; and PW56 Suswa.

3. Field audit review of the rehabilitation of the following water projects: Kigumo, Muranga, Karatina, Mukurweini, Ogembo, Nyansiongo, Nyamira, Ainamoi, Kipkelion, Chebangang and Kipwatsuiyo.

Project Description

Client:Office of the President, Project Management Unit
Location:Central, R. Valley and Nyanza Provinces (Kenya)
Year Completed:January 2001 - November 2003