The Challenges

he principal purpose of this Technical Feasibility Study was to determine feasible sub-projects based on the available information supported by field surveys. The feasibility report analyzed past, present and future demands for services. The study examined the existing systems, the degree to which these systems meet all demands in the sub-project areas and the possible need to rehabilitate the facilities based on the community’s aspirations. The report presented a preliminary screening of the sub-projects, eliminating those that were technically, economically and environmentally inferior or not fitting into the objectives of phase III document. The report gives initial consideration to institutional arrangements and its implications as related to the future operations and sustainability of the sub-projects. Detailed considerations to institutional arrangements and the subsequent operation and maintenance of facilities were provided. The TFS Consultant held meetings with the various stakeholders (Local NGO and Consortium of Somaliland Non-Governmental Organization (COSONGO), Governmental Ministries, and Community Organizations, CARE IRFS Staff at Hargeisa Office of the IRFS program).

1. Lining 2km of canals for Biyo Guure irrigation scheme. Rehabilitation/desilting of five wells for Berbera Water Supply and on farm water management practices. Rehabilitation/desilting of 5 wells for irrigation canals (Wells).

2. Implementation of sub-surface dam and rehabilitation of shallow wells north of Gabiley; shallow well rehabilitation and three sand dams for Huluuq community; and Qudhaco Valley shallow well rehabilitation (70 shallow wells) for irrigation and one sub-surface dam for recharging shallows.

3. Rehabilitation of the Ruki irrigation canals. Scheme comprised of six irrigation clusters that has a total of 6.5km of lined canals serving 350 households while the remaining 2km of the unlined canal serve 150 households.

4. Equipping of Hargeisa dairy and poultry cooperative society borehole intended for sharing with the neighbouring community members (Abaarso village) by providing generator, water pump and delivery pipes.

5. Uudan community comprised of eight rain-fed members and 16 individual smallholder irrigation members who use pump fed irrigated agriculture.

Project Description

Client:Care Somalia/South Sudan
Location:Entire Country (Kenya)
Year Completed:December 2003 - February 2004