The Challenges

the actual works done were:-

1. Preparation of specifications for Financial Accounting Software to satisfy reporting needs both for the management of the respective institutions and for the KWSP contributors.
2. Preparation of Financial Management Systems Manuals for WSBs, WRMA and KWSP.
3. Preparation of specifications for and procurement documentation relating to the procurement of the financial and accounting software to facilitate the procurement of same.
4. Training key Financial and Management Staff in the use of the Manuals.
5. Designing of the M&E system at the programme level. Assessment of M & E training needs within the institutions and assist in development of training manuals for M&E.
6. Development of the KWSP conceptual framework for MIS/ M &E framework
Support to development of strategic plans targets and indicators for new institutions. Harmonization of the individual institution’s targets with the national ones.
7. Assistance in the development of business plans.
8. Support development of the project performance indicators and tools to ensure that all related information is captured for monitoring in data base.
9. Contribution to the development of the database programme that will be developed to ensure flow of information among key institutions (part of the conceptual framework)

Project Description

Client:Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA)/ Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Location:Entire Country (Kenya)
Year Completed:March 2005 - December 2009