The Challenges

the actual work involved;

1. Desk study of existing reports, data and information.
2. Geological study of the dam site. The report summarized the rock formations on the site and the integrity of the rock for firm dam foundation.
3. Hydrological study and analysis of the catchment area.
4. Detailed flood analysis studies for the following dam and spillway design return periods (1 in 1000year and 1 in 5000 year return periods).
5. Design of 77m high rock-fill embankment dam.
6. Design of a 350m long overflow spillway.
7. Preparation of Engineering drawings.
8. Preparation of Engineers cost estimates.
9. Design of treatment works, raw water main and rising main.
10. Preparation of specifications.
11. Preparation of bidding documents.
12. Preparation of bills of quantities .
13. Computation of the Engineers cost estimates for the works.
14. Topographical survey.
15. Geophysical sounding.
16. Geotechnical investigations.

Project Description

Client:National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation (NWCPC)
Location:Kwale District, Coast Province (Kenya)
Year Completed:October 2006 - August 2008