The Challenges

The works done involved:-

1. Prepared data collection tools.

2. Prepared list of ongoing and proposed irrigation projects in the basin.

3. Separated the projects into; projects ready for construction; projects ready for design; projects ready for feasibility study, and projects requiring rehabilitation.

4. Conducted preliminary investigations for each project.

5. Organized stakeholder workshops.

6. Developed ranking criteria.

7. Prepared project reports in 4 Volumes i.e; (a) Volume 1: Irrigation Development Report, (b) Volume 2: Analysis of Database and review of Documentation, (c) Volume 3: Irrigation Development Databook, (d) Volume 4: RFP Documents for Irrigation Development Projects.

8. Prepared Request For Proposals as follows; (a) RFP for Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision, (b) RFP for Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study, Preliminary Investigation & Design, Detailed Design & Tender Documentation, (c) RFP for Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study of Cluster Irrigation & Drainage Projects.

9. Prepared capacity development programme for NIB counterpart.

Project Description

Client:National Irrigation Board (NIB)
Location:Lake Victoria South Drainage Basin (Kenya)
Year Completed:June 2010 - December 2010