The Challenges

The actual services provided were:-

1. Design of an accounting system – this will involve the identification of the user needs, selection of an appropriate accounting system to meet these needs and documentation of the procedures to be used in the design.
2. Developing of an Accounting and Financial Procedures Manual.
3. Training of users on the Financial and Accounting Management System.
4. Determine and confirm physical quantities, measurement, location of all assets, and determine their values and make complete inventory.
5. Establishment and documentation of plant and equipment, installation/purchase dates including their economic life and remaining life.
6. Undertaking valuations of assets to Depreciated Replacement Cost of each asset.
7. Preparation of a statement of insurable assets, suggestions and recommendations on various options for insurance and indemnity.

Project Description

Client:African Development Bank
Location:Rift Valley Water Services Board (Kenya)
Year Completed:January 2007 - June 2008