The Challenges

The actual services provided were:-

1. Desk study of existing reports, data and information (design reports for Makutano and Kapenguria townships).

2. Data collection (potential sedimentation of the proposed dam will be checked, availability of construction material, the topography of the dam site, the reservoir permeability and the spillway location).

3. Laboratory tests of the existing water quality data on Siyoi River for minimum criteria on bacteriological and chemical quality.

4. Field investigations: Identification of the borrow area and assessment of its suitability of in-situ material for dam construction. The soil samples from the dam axis will be subjected to particle size analysis tests, atterburg limits and proctor compaction test to determine the optimum moisture content and maximum dry density for particular capacitive efforts. The borrow pit samples shall be tested for dispersivity.

5. Preliminary design using the network analysis to determine the adequacy of the existing water distribution system facilities.  Using a survey total station, traverse a cross section of the river valley at the location of the proposed dam axis at intervals not exceeding 5m. A longitudinal profile of the river to cover the proposed dam height.

6. Final design: A comprehensive and updated extract of the results from the preliminary design investigations, the final recommendations, the recommended designs, and justifications of any amendment to the preliminary design. Final design drawings which include plans and longitudinal sections of the dam site, embankment, spillway, intake tower, pipelines, treatment works improvements, intake works improvements etc.

7. Foul Drainage and disposal: The water treatment works is located outside Kapenguria Township and away from the town’s sewerage system. The onsite foul drainage system was designed complete with treatment and disposal facilities. Working drawings and tender documents were also prepared for the works.

8. Tender documents: Cost estimates of the dam, water supply and sewerage system and disposal works.

9. Preparation of TOR for project supervision.

Project Description

Client:National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation (NWCPC)
Location:West Pokot District (Kenya)
Year Completed:May - October 2006