Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Rehabilitation of Water Facilities in Marsabit Town

    Rehabilitation of Water Facilities in Marsabit Town

    Environmental impact assessments at the water sources and point of consumption. Health impacts to be felt in Marsabit Township as a result of lack of sewage treatment facilities in line with the improved water supply to Marsabit were addressed. Where negative impacts envisaged, the necessary mitigation measures were incorporated.

  • eia6

    Small holder Irrigation Schemes in Districts Bordering Lake Victoria

    Environmental impact assessment study for 21 existing and proposed irrigation projects under the auspices of the Demand Study for Smallholder Irrigation Schemes in Districts bordering Lake Victoria. The Study covered an inventory of the aspects of environmental impact assessment that are likely to be caused by smallholder rice irrigation development projects along the Lake Victoria […]

  • Mwingi Town Sewerage System

    Mwingi Town Sewerage System

    1. Population estimates and forecast. 2. Establishment of water demands and sewage flows. 3. Design, preparation of preliminary sewerage drawings and location of four alternative treatment sites. 4. Generation of base maps and matching them with the existing development plans. 5. Preliminary assessment of the environmental baseline data.


    Thwake Multi-Purpose Dam

    The ultimate goal of this study was to identify impacts resulting from the proposed project to be determined on the basis of the baseline conditions established during the field work and information obtained from the documents reviewed. For subjective predictions of the impacts, the site area was subjected to environmental scoping process. This was a […]

  • eia2

    Siyoi Dam

    1. A description of the dam site, treatment works area, Transmission lines, storage tanks area and baseline environment and social conditions. 2. Identification of the impacts associated with the entire project. 3. Establishment of appropriate mitigation measures. 4. Development of an environment management plan with monitoring indicators for post construction period. 5. Environmental impact assessments […]

  • Kiserian Dam

    Kiserian Dam