Presently, Samez Consultants has a professional staff comprising of a Managing Director, two principal water engineers, senior water and sanitation engineer, three part-time engineers, water economist, financial specialist, senior sociologist, surveyor, three graduate engineers, technician engineer, and support staff. The small number of highly qualified and motivated staff with small spans of control has meant that we cannot lose touch with the concept of high quality product process, and cuts down on bureaucracies and therefore costs.

The firm regularly retains several specialist staff for part-time consulting to enhance the firm’s capability in offering professional services in all the firm’s fields of specialisation.

In addition, the firm is associated with many distinguished local and international consultancy firms in an endeavour to pool the best expertise to meet specific project requirements.

The key professional and qualification areas of the staffs are as follows;

  1. Civil Engineering.
  2. Structural Engineering.
  3. Architectural Engineering.
  4. Electro-mechanical Engineering.
  5. Instrumentation / Electrical Engineering.
  6. Agricultural Engineering.
  7. Hydro-geologists.
  8. Surveying & GIS Experts.
  9. Financial Specialists.
  10. Socio-economists.
  11. Monitoring & Evaluation.
  12. Environmentalists.
  13. Land Economist / Property/Assets Valuer.
  14. Legal Experts.
  15. Institutional Specialists.
  16. Information Communication Technology.